I really wanna love somebody
I really wanna dance the night away
I know we’re only half way there
But you can take me all the way, you can take me all the way


  1. Whispers by Dave Baxter
  2. Crash by Esthero
  3. Nightingale by Demi Lovato
  4. Burning Bridges by OneRepublic
  5. Stay by Hurts
  6. Crack the Shutters by Snow Patrol
  7. You Don’t See Me by SafetySuit
  8. Trust Me by the Fray

jyler + tyler making jeremy smile

Tyler yells at Jeremy, eyes yellow, as he can feel himself slowly turning. He tells him to run, run away before he can do anything to hurt Jeremy.

Tyler’s on the ground, screaming, and Jeremy knows that he has to do what Tyler’s telling him. He needs to run as far away as he can, as quickly as he can.

So he does. He runs through the woods. He can hear Tyler screaming out in pain behind him. He wants to help Tyler, wants to comfort him, but he knows they’ll have time for that afterwards. 

Out of breath, Jeremy slumps against a tree trunk. He’s sure that he’s far enough away that Tyler - or his wolf - won’t find him. The woods around him are silent, and it would be calming if he was anywhere else.

He turns his head to look behind him, behind the tree, and a black wolf is staring at him, teeth bared. He growls at Jeremy, who slowly turns back around, still breathing heavily.

The wolf walks around the tree, and lays down next to Jeremy, who freezes and does everything he can to stay completely still. The wolf nuzzles his nose against Jeremy’s leg, and lays his head on Jeremy’s thigh. Jeremy instantly calms down at this. They stay in the same position for so long that both fall asleep.

Tyler wakes up first in the morning, and he’s more than a little confused. At some point during the night, Jeremy must have taken off his sweatshirt and covered Tyler - or his wolf - with it. He smiles to himself, and lays his head back down on Jeremy’s leg. He figures they both deserve some sleep after the night they had to go through.