Tyler’s never been the biggest fan of holidays. Growing up, Tyler’s parents didn’t care enough to make an effort around the holidays, leaving the boy to spend most Christmases alone. When snow starts falling and people start decorating, he’d always have to strain himself not to roll his eyes.

Things change when he and Jeremy move into an apartment together. They go ice skating together - something Tyler’s always hated - and he can’t stop smiling the entire time, even if he is holding on to Jeremy for dear life.

They go out and buy a real Christmas tree together, which is something Tyler’s never had the pleasure of doing. They laugh and decorate it together, listening to Christmas music, and when Jeremy reaches his arm up, mistletoe in hand, Tyler doesn’t hesitate to kiss him underneath it.

Tyler doesn’t even protest when Jeremy makes him roll out the gingerbread cookie dough, just so they can leave cookies for Santa. Even though they both know the truth about the big man in the red suit, it feels good to pretend they’re kids again. (And maybe Tyler stays up a little later than Jeremy just so he can make it look like Santa came and enjoyed the cookies. Jeremy’s reaction doesn’t disappoint.)

When the two decide to snuggle in early on the night of December 25th, Tyler decides he’s never been happier. Celebrating the holidays has quickly become his favorite thing.

“Tyler!” Jeremy yelled as he stood in front of the mirror. “We’ve only got 15 minutes!” He struggled with his collar, unsuccessfully tying his tie for the second time.

Tyler carried Olivia, their 13-month old, up the stairs, careful not to mess up her dress or neatly-combed hair. He reached his and Jeremy’s bedroom, and sat her down on the floor. He turned to Jeremy, giving the younger male an incredulous look.

“You do realize you’re the only one who’s not ready, right?” Jeremy started to laugh, and turned to see both his husband and daughter completely made up and ready to go to his sister’s wedding. His laugh fell short, and he turned back around, attempting to tie his tie once again, this time with a more frustrated look on his face.

Tyler chuckled and walked over to Jeremy. He grabbed him by the shoulders and slowly turned Jeremy to face him. Tyler leaned forward, kissing Jeremy on the forehead.

“Calm down, Jer. Elena will be fine. We both know that Matt’s a great guy, so just breathe,” he said, voice soothing Jeremy. Tyler took the tie from Jeremy’s shaky hands and tied it in a matter of seconds.

Jeremy smiled. “If he’s anything like you, he’ll be perfect,” he said, leaning forward to kiss Tyler on the cheek. The two were interrupted by a tiny body embracing Jeremy’s leg.

Jeremy threw his head back and the room filled with laughter.

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